Industrial IoT: Shaping The Future of IoT – Part 2

Special guest, Rob Tiffany, CTO of Hitachi Lumada joins neXt Curve to discuss the origins, the present and future of the Internet of Things and the technology trends that are driving the evolution of IoT in the second installment of this 3-part webcast series. 

On May 15th, 2018, neXCurve’s Leonard Lee and Dean Freeman hosted a webcast discussion with Rob Tiffany, CTO of Hitachi Lumada, who architected and developed one of the leading IoT platforms according to Gartner Inc.  Rob joined us to share his points of view on how the Internet of Things is evolving from its origins in Industrial IoT, and where he thinks it is going in the future.

IoT Trends: What’s Changed & What is Changing?

The one constant of change that is driving the evolution of the Internet of Things is economics.  As processors, sensors and modems continue to get cheaper, more powerful and energy efficient, the frontier of possibilities expands bringing an ever-broadening range of applications into the realm of feasibility and reality.  These trends have brought about the consumerization of IoT as the economics of consumer applications reach a level of affordability for the mass consumer market.

Today, we are witnessing a continued shift in the enterprise computing model with cloud-based analytics and storage making computing ubiquitious through our mobile devices and a growing range of IoT devices in the home, retail spaces, buildings and factories.

With the emergence of edge computing, the advent of 5G, virtual and augmented reality, and the intense hype that is artificial intelligence, we can expect an IoT that fuses industrial and consumer applications into immersive, digitally-augmented experiences. We can also expect computing to be pushed out toward the edge and much closer to the endpoints that support more distributed varieties of IoT applications.

You can listen to the audio replay of our Industrial Internet: Shaping The Future of IoT webcast by playing the media below or downloading the Podcast available on iTunes.  Subscribe to our Podcast channel and keep up to date on the latest insights from neXt Curve.

Audio of Part 2 of Industrial IoT: Shaping The Future of IoT

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Leonard Lee

Managing Director, neXCurve

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Independent Research & Advisory Fellow, neXt Curve
May 17, 2018
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