Tech Insight: Debunking 5G Myths & Hype

5G is here,.. but what does that mean. Apparently, it means a lot of things due to the myths and the hype that have characterized the next-generation mobile wireless technology and its early rollout by operators beginning in early 2019. Given the deafening media and marketing noise that has drowned out the 5G signal, it is difficult to figure out what is real and what is, quite simply, fake. What are the facts that debunk the myths and hype so that we can get to the value of 5G?

neXt Curve is joined by Joe Hoffman, research director at SAR Insights & Consulting to explore facts and the fictions behind some of the key myths and hype themes that obscure the present and future of 5G:

  • 5G is here so now what? When do we get to enjoy the promise? – We discuss the significance of 5G and what it means for it to be “here”. What is the current state of 5G? What does it mean for the average Joe and Jane?
  • Does 5G cause brain cancer? – As 5G networks rollout across the world, rumors that the newest mobile wireless technology causes cancer have surfaced once again. Joe and Leonard outline the facts about the physics of mmWave spectrum, the nuances of the new 5G radio and user equipment (UE) device designs that skeptics should factor agains their suspicions of 5G’s impact on our health and well-being.
  • Will burning 5G cell sites slow the spread of COVID-19? – During these pandemic times, the roll out of 5G with its dense small cell deployments have been met with vandalism by those who believe that the next-generation mobile wireless network abets the spreading of the novel coronavirus. We explore the basis of this myth and counter with an argument that 5G can actually slow the spread of COVID-19.
  • Will 5G revolutionize industries? If so, which ones? – 5G is about industries. It is expected to revolutionize industries. Joe and Leonard discuss the realities that operators and industry end users face in harnessing the promise of 5G and realizing industry revolution.

reThink Podcast featuring Joe Hoffman of SAR Insights and Consulting

For more insights on neXt Curve’s 5G technology and end market research themes contact us for a detailed briefing with one of our analysts. Follow our site to get updates and notifications of our research and our 2020 research agenda.

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Leonard Lee

Managing Director, neXt Curve


Joe Hoffman

Director, SAR Insights & Consulting

July 31, 2020

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