About Us

At neXt Curve, we have a passion and love for the craft and art of consulting.  We believe that your biggest business challenges, the things that matter to you and your enterprise the most, can only be addressed with focus and attention to the details of your situation and your priorities.  There is no boilerplate solution or answer to your problem, and we know this.  That is why we take an experience-based approach to all of the services that we provide to our clients to deliver tailored results, not codified ones.

Our aspiration is to channel our experience in crafting insights and business outcomes that make a difference and clarify the path to winning in the highly-fluid digital economy.  We strongly believe that experience gets you to where you want to go faster; real experience in business transformation, market analysis, organizational change, innovation and operational improvement, and of course “digital”.

We are anxious to tell you more about neXt Curve and how we can inspire the digital future of your company.

Leonard Lee

Managing Director, neXt Curve