reThink Research Agenda

Each year, the neXt Curve research team defines the agenda that will focus our research and advisory efforts and services for the year.  We arrive at six primary research themes that are identified through our continuous interactions with technology and business leaders and analysis of emerging digital technologies and ICT market trends that are shaping the transformative edge of industry digitization and business reinvention.

Our research agenda is fluid and focuses on the topics that are shaping our Digital Future and are important to enterprise end users, technology vendors and consumers. The six primary research themes represent a study of the intersects of a wide range of ICT technology trends and emerging business and IT practices. Collectively, our primary research themes are geared toward providing a cross-domain, holistic perspective on how the overall ICT market is evolving and white space opportunities that will emerge along its leading edge for enterprises and technology vendors.

ICT Trends and Research Domains

Though we factor emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital twins, Blockchain and others into our research and points of view, we consider the broad influence of these technologies on more strategic aspects of the evolution of the ICT landscape and their current and future application in business and industry reinvention.

Critical Technologies
Critical Digital Technologies

2021 Research Agenda

Our six primary research themes which we established in 2018 continue to be our focus as they continue to  evolve and converge with significant implications for technology vendors, digital media firms, telecom operators, IT and CT service providers, enterprises and IT organizations.

S-Research Agenda 2019 Focus 1-Digital Media Telco Convergence
S-Research Agenda 2019 Focus 2-Converged ITCT
S-Research Agenda 2019 Focus 3-5G Evolution
S-Research Agenda 2019 Focus 4-Holistic Trust Security
S-Research Agenda 2019 Focus 5-Future of Cloud
S-Research Agenda 2019 Focus 6-Semi End Market

If you are a technology vendor or innovative start up interested in contributing to our 2021 research coverage, please contact us for a briefing.  We look forward to engaging with you for our 2021 research agenda.

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